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Fire Acupuncture Needle needle detector

Fire Acupuncture Needle needle detector

Properties: Chinese Medicine Apparatus
Type: Acupuncture Needles, acupuncture probe
Product name: Fire Acupuncture Needle needle detector
Material: copper
Packing: 1piece/bag
Function: Improve Body
Feature: Eco-friendly
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Fire Acupuncture Needle needle detector


Integral is made of pure copper, the handle is about 4.5 cm long, the head is flat cylindrical positioning, about 1.8 cm in diameter, this head has a small hole in the middle, diameter 1.5 mm, treats when using aim the holes to acupuncture points. Especially suitable for beginners to use acupuncture


Fire needle fixator is made of pure copper

Very professional tools and very durable

It helps the fire needle penetrate the skin

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