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High quality pink crystal self massage stick for health care

High quality pink crystal self massage stick for health care

Properties: Massager
Type: Body Massager, massager stick
Application: Body
Material: Natural jade
Color: Pink
Massage area: Body
Function: massage & relaxation
Feature: Hand-Held
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Hot selling natural hsiuyen jade stone massage stick for body massage

Acupuncture commonly used in the treatment of colds, heat exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, swelling, chest, abdominal pain, iarrhea, food retention, motion sickness, seasickness,and such people make health care by massage acupoint.this is why we call gua sha tool is health care product .

Massage can help you relax, relieves stress, and provides health benefits, such as reducing lactic and uric acid and other metabolic wastes in the muscle tissues. Massage can improve circulation, help heal muscles, and improve your general wellbeing. Performing massage is not difficult and requires few tools. Several types of massage exist, including Swedish, shiatsu, medical, physiotherapeutic, and sports massage. They can all help you feel better and benefit your health. These hand-held devices are useful in relieving the hands when they tire from the constant pressure of massage work and are effective in releasing tight muscles and knots.

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