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Aventurine jade acupuncture massage tool gua sha stick

Aventurine jade acupuncture massage tool gua sha stick

Properties: Massager
Type: Body Massager, massager roller tool
Application: Body
Color: Green
Material: Natural jade
Massage area: Body
Function: massage & relaxation
Feature: Hand-Held
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Hot selling natural hsiuyen jade stone massage stick for body massage



Jade is rich in mineral elements. During the friction and rolling of the skin surface, a magnetic field is formed to promote lymphatic circulation.

The natural jade texture is cold and it is super comfortable in summer. When the face is frozen in autumn and winter, you can soak it in warm water for five minutes before using it. Use the excellent thermal conductivity of jade to strengthen the blood circulation of the skin.
Weekday maintenance is also very suitable for use with small molecule essence or fine dew. It can be carefully rolled for three minutes every day to enhance the introduction effect of skin care products.

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