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Hot selling natural xiuyan jade stone massage stick for body massage

Hot selling natural xiuyan jade stone massage stick for body massage

Properties: Massager
Type: Body Massager, massager stick
Application: Body
Color: Light green
Material: Natural jade
Massage area: Body
Function: massage & relaxation
Feature: Hand-Held
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Hot selling natural hsiuyen jade stone massage stick for body massage

Massage Wand Stone:
From ancient times, minerals, gems, and crystals have been used for millennia to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual balance. 
Use this little crystal massage wand to experience how they effect your spirit and physical health! 
1- Reduce stress and anxiety by affecting the nervous system, to sleep improvement
2- Reducing swelling by accessing the lymphatic system, enhance blood circulation
3- Relieving pain by working on muscular trigger spot, dredging the channel, relax muscle
4- Increase energy flow by treating the chakra system

How to use massage wand? 
Use a gentle pressure with slow movement. For muscles: On trigger spot in the muscles use steady firm pressure on each point that feels sore for about 10-20 seconds, then move to the next point.Use small rotation, and stay close to the point in question.
For Lymph nodes: you must use extremely light pressure and very light stoking away from the swelled area, but not on the injury. On acupressure points use a massage wand or two with light steady pressure without movement on one or two points simultaneously.
For chakras: use circular movement 2-6 inches above the chakra, clockwise to pull out energies anticlockwise to infuse energy, To work with any healing therapy, or chakras effectively, 

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