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Acupuncture Stimulator CMNS6-1

Acupuncture Stimulator CMNS6-1

Product name:Acupuncture Stimulator CMNS6-1
Output number:6outputs
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Therapeutic principles:

 Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument is combined with Modern micro computer high-new technique, traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and meridian theory, based on the traditional electronic acupuncture treatment instrument. The product is used for applying low requency pulse to stimulate the acupoints of human body.  


Main Technical Specifications:
1. Output pulse wave: un-symmetry bi-direction triangular pulse wave
2. Pulse frequency: frequency adjustable in 1-100Hz
3. Output pulse width: 0.175ms
4. Output peak voltage value: 70±10V (Load 500Ω)
5. Output pulse channel: 6 channels
6. AC-DC converter (input AC220V,50Hz/AC110V,60Hz,outputDC9V,150mA)  


Output wire: 6pcs
Self-adhesive electrode 50*50mm: 12pcs
Exclusive clips: 12pcs(Length≤28mm)
Manual: 1pc

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